"I would like to recommend the 'Tense Map' as a useful additional to the teaching of tenses."
(Jon Hird, Oxford University)

HOW TO USE TENSE MAP - New! See Passive Machine here

Find the key word and follow the line.

Use it as a poster. Perfect decoration in your study or on the billboard in your classroom. Fit it in a frame or place it on your desk with a glass top. It's easy to learn the use of tenses if they are always before your eyes. Find exercises here.


A brilliant boardgame for families and friends to spent a scholastic time together. Excellent game for teaching student groups at school. For classroom games go to the Teachers' Page. Find games to play with your family and friends at Boardgames.

pocket grammar

Use Tense Map as a pocket guidebook. There are example sentences for each tense. See irregular verbs and state verbs in colourful charts. Fold the map to the part you need. See exercises here.

passive machine

New release!